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    Washington Post: Chinese-Americans Mistakenly Caught in US’s Cybercrime Dragnet

    November 13, 2015

    Partner Peter Zeidenberg published an opinion article with the Washington Post on November 12 on the heels of successfully convincing the Department of Justice to drop charges against two Chinese-American citizens accused of illegally sending sensitive information to contacts in China.

    “While the danger posed by Chinese agents may indeed be real, so is the danger of overreacting to it,” writes Peter. “The recent Justice Department prosecutions of my clients Chen and Xi suggest that, in their zeal, prosecutors have proceeded as if wearing blinders, ignoring evidence that contradicts their theories of guilt and plowing ahead with prosecutions that should never have been brought.

    “As a result, innocent US citizens have been victimized by their government. They have been held up to public opprobrium, had their employment and livelihoods threatened and been forced to pay for legal defenses that could easily bankrupt anyone of modest means. The harm caused by the government’s aggressive overreach can hardly be overstated.”

    To read the entire op-ed, click here.