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    Stephen Davis Talks to SCOTUScast Following Supreme Court Decision in Alabama Redistricting Case

    May 29, 2015

    Last week, associate Stephen Davis was a featured guest on The Federalist Society’s  SCOTUScast to discuss the US Supreme Court Decision over whether Alabama's 2012 legislative redistricting plans classify black voters by race in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.

    In Legislative Black Caucus v. Alabama the court determined that the district court made four key errors when it rejected the plaintiffs’ challenge to the redistricting plan: 1) treating the racial gerrymandering claim as referring to the State “as a whole,” rather than district-by-district; 2) finding that the Alabama Democratic Conference lacked standing.; 3) improperly calculating “predominance” in the alternative holding that “race was not the predominant motivating factor” in the creation of any of the challenged districts; and 4) concluding that “the challenged Districts would satisfy strict scrutiny.”

    To listen to the interview, click here.