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    Peter Zeidenberg Addresses Developments in Dennis Hastert Case for the Washington Post

    October 19, 2015

    Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert is expected to enter a guilty plea to charges of lying to prosecutors and violating banking laws to cover payoffs allegedly made to make past misconduct disappear, reported the Washington Post on October 15. According the White Collar & Investigations partner Peter Zeidenberg, a guilty plea would serve the interests of both parties in the case, as the government avoids the risk and cost of a trial and Hastert would likely receive a lesser sentence and divulge less details about his past conduct for public record.

    “My suspicion is that he didn’t want any of that back story to become public,” Mr. Zeidenberg commented for the Post. “Inevitably it would come up: What was motivating this? What was driving it? How did this investigation get started? . . . It’s almost unavoidable and almost unimaginable to think that this trial would be simply about bank withdrawals.”

    To read the full article from the Washington Post, click here.