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    Paul Fakler Quoted by Law360 on Copyright Infringement Suits

    January 23, 2017

    New York partner Paul Fakler was recently quoted in a Law360 article that explores the recent spike in copyright infringement lawsuits in the music industry. The article discusses how rulings from the “Blurred Lines” and “Raging Bull” cases paved the way for “long-delayed copyright suits” to reemerge.

    Mr. Fakler said, “Every once in a long while you get a case like the 'Blurred Lines' case, which goes off the rails and results in an undeserved windfall… Then the contingency lawyers start a feeding frenzy and everyone thinks their frivolous case is worth millions.  Mr. Fakler also remarked, “When you add the 'Raging Bull' decision, allowing claims to be brought long past their freshness date, we had a perfect storm for over-litigation,”.

    To read the full article, click here.