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    The New York Daily News Quotes Counsel Brett Kappel on FEC Implications of Rep. Charles Rangel’s Failure to Appoint New PAC Treasurer

    August 1, 2014

    Arent Fox Political Law counsel Brett G. Kappel was quoted by The New York Daily News about the repercussions of the death of Basil Paterson. Mr. Paterson was the treasurer of Rep. Charles Rangel’s (D–NY) political action committee (PAC). The article reported that, without a treasurer, Rep. Rangel’s PAC was in violation of Federal Election Committee (FEC) rules.

    Mr. Paterson was replaced as Rep. Rangel’s treasurer by his son, former New York Gov. David Paterson. But the younger Paterson did not assume the position until June 9 — nearly two months after his father’s death. During that time span, the article states, Rep. Rangel’s PAC made $83,000 in transactions. These transactions (which included accepting contributions) were not allowed under FEC rules.

    Mr. Kappel explained that, since the void in the treasurer position resulted from Mr. Paterson’s death, the FEC “would be very unlikely to take any adverse action,” he said. Mr. Kappel added, “Worst case scenario: they would send the committee a letter reminding them of the requirement to have a treasurer at all times.”

    To read the New York Daily News article, click here.