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    Food Safety News Features Op-Ed by Brian Ronholm on Trump’s Impact on Food Safety Issues

    Food Safety News published the opinion article, “Trump’s well-done habits could bode well for food safety,” by Brian Ronholm, Arent Fox’s Senior Director of Regulatory Policy. In the op-ed, Ronholm asserts that President Trump could impact food policy through his eating habits and previous statements about food safety economics. President Trump is a noted consumer of fast food meals and noted in a campaign interview last year that a large franchise can be destroyed with one bad hamburger. Though this could be a slight exaggeration, there have been cases of food safety outbreaks negatively impacting food companies’ earnings (Chipotle and Jack-in-the-Box are two noted examples). As Trump becomes more familiar with food safety economics, Ronholm believes he will recognize that these costs need to be avoided and, hopefully, that consumers, industry, and government are all key to reducing foodborne illness rates. Click here to read the full article.