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    Craig Engle Argues in New York Daily News Op-Ed that Same-Sex Marriage Bans Violate the First, not Fifth, Amendment

    April 27, 2015

    Arent Fox political law leader Craig Engle wrote an opinion piece published in the New York Daily News on April 27 arguing that the US Supreme Court should rule same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional because they restrict the political contribution rights of same-sex  couples who are not allowed to marry.

    In an editorial penned with Gregory Angelo, the national executive director of Log Cabin Republicans, Mr. Engle argues the “uneven application of campaign finance law creates indisputable, mathematic inequality. State marriage bans cut the potential political participation of gay couples in half. … In the absence of equal spousal exemptions to campaign finance laws, gay and lesbian men and women are less able to participate politically as donors and as candidates. And as a result, an already marginalized group is further disenfranchised.”

    In March, Mr. Engle filed an important amicus brief with the Supreme Court on behalf of the Liberty Education Forum, the non-partisan think tank affiliate of Log Cabin Republicans, that argues the First Amendment, not just the Fifth, is violated when a state prohibits same sex couples from marrying.

    To read the article, click here.