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    Arent Fox Partner Craig Engle Interviewed on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition

    October 23, 2014

    Arent Fox Political Law partner Craig Engle was interviewed on National Public Radio program Morning Edition. The program analyzed people and organizations who donate millions of dollars to political committees for advertisements, and whether those donations are fully disclosed.

    The program examined how this year’s midterm elections have more advertisements for US Senate races than in previous elections, and that many of these ads have been funded by outside groups. The program stated — although Mr. Engle disagrees with this — that more than half of these ads are funded by undisclosed donors.

    Mr. Engle predicted the direction of campaign finance in the election cycles ahead: “I think the future of undisclosed political money is not bright,” he said.

    He concluded by saying that some individuals will always prefer to stay undisclosed by donating to non-political committees rather than to Super PACs, but that “more people are more and more comfortable with disclosure, especially if there are no contribution limits,” he said.

    To listen to the Morning Edition segment, click here.