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    Douglas Grimm and Hillary Stemple Present on the Affordable Care Act at NCHE Meeting

    Health Care partner Douglas Grimm and associate Hillary Stemple co-presented, "Future Ramifications of the Affordable Care Act on the Healthcare Industry," at the National Capital Healthcare Executives (NCHE) on February 21. The recent change in administrations has brought a marked shift in health policy to Washington. And the future of the Affordable Care Act faces more uncertainty than ever. This presentation provided an overview of the current state of the ACA, how we got to this point, and where the ACA goes from here. The program also discussed potential replacement plans, including examining both moderate legislative “fixes” as well as more comprehensive “repeal and replace” options. Douglas and Hillary also provided thoughts on how these replacement options may be accomplished and the potential implications to the health care system.

    Click here to learn more about the event.