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    Birgit Matthiesen to Speak on NAFTA and Other Trade Issues Affecting Canadian Companies

    Birgit Matthiesen will speak during a webinar titled “American Storm: Top Canadian Concerns” host by Export Development Canada. The webinar will cover the top three issues that are causing concern for Canadian exporters. The issues include:
    • What will “tweaks” to NAFTA look like?
    • How will this affect Mexico-U.S. trade agreements?
    • Will any new tariffs decrease my profits on my current or future contracts?
    • What does the “America First” policy mean for my company’s competitive advantage?
    • Some of my employees are Canadian citizens from countries under the temporary travel ban. Will they have trouble entering the U.S.?
    • Should I diversify? The U.S. is my main market, but potential protectionist policies are making me think I should expand into other markets.
    • Will my opportunities for doing business in the U.S. become more limited?
    The webinar is on April 5, 2017 at 1:00PM EST. Click here for more info.