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    Represented a School that Employs Teachers Abroad in an Action Against an Insurer

    Obtained principally through the efforts of partners Elliott Kroll, Michael Cryan, and senior associate James Westerlind, Arent Fox achieved a great victory on behalf of a firm client that employs teachers abroad  — the same case that Arent Fox recently obtained an order sanctioning defendants for their contemptuous conduct, requiring the defendants to pay ISS in excess of $80,000 (which payment was made by the defendants to avoid potential incarceration of its principal defendant) — the court entered another order on November 15, 2012, granting our client’s motion for summary judgment on its breach of contract claim against the defendant insurance company. In a detailed, 29-page decision, the court agreed with all of Arent Fox’s arguments and rejected the defendant’s opposition in its entirety.  The court certified the order as a final judgment pursuant to Rule 54(b). The court then entered an Amended Judgment that allows our client to seek to recover in excess of $1.5M without further delay.